Gsport is a production company based in Cuneo bike artisan circles that deals with the design and manufacture of rims for different types of wheels. Our mission is to build leading-edge products using quality materials, with artisan work. Our product is “Made in Italy” because we want to take care of every aspect: material, construction, assembly and testing.


Gsport, the production company looking for a bike circles.

Experience gained in construction of bicycles and wheeled above, we can see the problems that may occur in production, therefore we guarantee precision and innovation.


5 production lines and 2 machines for special productions guarantee rapidity in the manufacture of the goods.


For years, we cooperate with the best wire mills to ensure a product made in Italy and to ensure fitness for use.

Look for a company of circles bicycle production? Gsport makes quality her strong point: rims and special rims and fine!


Thanks to the availability of products in our store we can timely satisfy the customer.


The goal of our company is to grow together with the European market in our competent field, so it must have an investment continuous cycle of personnel and equipment. Gsport, the production company looking for a bike circle that looks to the future!


Since the arrival of the raw material we follow the path of production of the circle until the final stage, you can follow every production lot so identifying the storage and sale on every point.

Gsport, the production company of bike cirlces

Realize circles and bicycle wheels is our passion. And this passion comes through our products has always been and always will be.

We have for years experienced production processes in order to obtain the best results. Let us join capabilities, quality and performance!


A product specifically designed with cycling in mind: road, speed, performance, weight and durability. In the race and in the sprints, it serves the best and it is here!


A versatile circle and suitable for all terrains: tarmac, all terrain. Our goal is to create products that their memberships always faithful, and this will not disappoint.


Circle bike suited to the most diverse terrain and the most varied situations. Safe and stable, broad plant adapts to your style: you are a city bike? you are one unleashed MTB or a simple loop-lover? Demand the best, try our plus circle.


We have developed over the years a park covering all products bicycle industry. New is a simple and easily usable product. It works well on city bike, it works equally well on kids bikes or boys.


City bike, all roads, all terrains If you need a pro circle, for each use you are getting the right product. And specially it’s designed for a common use, but for a durability and a long life.


Cycling is evolving continuously. And so also our products. Bigger is a hoop for your fat bike. If you have a generous rubber, test Bigger!

Your company produces bicycles and you need a particular production?

Are you a manufacturer of small but immaculate works of art on two wheels and pedals?

Are you an assembler MTB, city bikes or bicycles in general and the right wheel rims partners and are looking for?

Gsport is the production company looking for a bike that fits you!

The sport needs to design, innovation and constant effort.

Pietro Mennea

The production company circles bike Gsport.

Thanks to the quality of Made in Italy and cooperation with the most important Italian wire drawing of aluminum, Gsport was able to acquire a growing appreciation over the years, which has enabled it to export its products to Europe, and boast business customers internationally , becoming the company production circles bike market leader.

The company management now has big plans for the future, they are based on three basic points: quality, innovation and work, together with the experience and the difficulties encountered in the past contribute every day to improve the lives of our business doing the Gsport a firm designed to improve every day, combining innovative solutions to the satisfaction of customer requirements, from the impression that only an artisan can give.

Gsport is a loyal partner for your company. We are pleased to hear your ideas, understand your needs and discuss solutions.

Gsport is a company that caters to other businesses, a business-2-business professional and reliable service.

Gsport is the production company looking for a bike.