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The company entered the business field of cycling since 1990 having yet the production vote circles bike. In a small factory craftsman at the foot of the Cuneo valleys, through experience in Mr Garnero, begins to assemble cycles in small quantities and sell them in the areas of northern Italy and abroad.

Start of bikes cirlce production

In 1994 he decided to expand production starting to build bicycle wheels, forming a new company, thus extending the sales market and increasing experience in the industry. And ‘the actual start of production circles bike is now Gsport.

In 2006 Gsport embarks on a specific project, launching in business circle for the bike, which over the years, become definitely the strength of the company and allows to Mr. Garnero to give in the previous activities.

With a marginal knowledge about the product, the company creates its first production line, selling the goods primarily in Italy. But they are outlined already clear the will to make the production bike circles the flagship and the company’s core business.

Want to know us better, see our productions or our products?

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The best way is to know and see our products. You can admire the quality and feel the high-quality aluminum, forged and drawn specifically. If you come to our production facility, we can show you how attentively Gsport works and produces its wheels. Trust what you see and contact us!

The optimization and specialization in circles bike production

Major reorganization of logistics in years, now enables the Gsport to count 5 production lines circles standard bike and 2 for special productions, which have led to an annual production of 2.3 million circles.

Thanks to the quality of Made in Italy and to the collaboration of the most important Italian wire drawing of aluminum, the company was able to acquire a growing appreciation over the years, which has enabled it to excel in producing bicycle rims and export its products to Europe , to boast commercial customers worldwide.

The availability of finished products in our warehouses, competitive prices and timely export storage, han Gsport allowed to meet the needs of small, medium and large customers.

Gsport today and tomorrow

The company management now has big plans for the future, they are based on three basic points: quality, innovation and work, together with the experience and the difficulties encountered in the past contribute every day to improve the lives of our business doing the Gsport a firm designed to improve every day, combining innovative solutions to the satisfaction of customer requirements, from the impression that only an artisan can give. Gsport, production circles bike market leader.